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This publication is your opportunity to receive regular updates on the work and the issues that I have been involved with, both in Harrisburg and throughout our community.

Please visit my website, where you will find a comprehensive overview of our work, various phone numbers and contact information to assist you in solving problems, opportunities to volunteer and assist us in our programs and opportunities to give your feedback.


Time is Running Out to Get Affordable Health Insurance
There Are 13 Days Before the Deadline to Enroll for Coverage This Year


I’m writing today with an important message: the deadline for signing up for health insurance this year under the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) is March 31st, 2014.  This is your chance to get high quality, low-cost coverage for you and your family. You can enroll by visiting the website which has a simple process for finding out your options for insurance.  

Why should you visit One example can be found in the personal story of Malik Hassan, a previously uninsured 24-year old Philadelphian who works as a cook at a small Mexican restaurant.  Now, thanks to President Obama and the Affordable Care Act, Malik was able to get coverage at an affordable price. He’s just one of millions of people who have benefited from this important program.

If you need health insurance for you or your family, the time has come to join the more than 5 million people nationwide who have signed up under the Affordable Care Act. Please check out the information below and visit for more information.


State Senator Vincent Hughes

1. Apply - Go online to and learn what information you need. Visit to get a checklist to help you gather the information you’ll need. You’ll enter information about you and your family, including your income, household size, and more.

2. Pick a Plan - There are over 50 plans to choose from

Next you’ll see all the plans and programs you’re eligible for and compare them side-by-side. You’ll also find out if you can get lower costs on monthly premiums and out of pocket costs.

3. Enroll - 1-800-318-2596

Choose a plan that meets your needs and enroll! Coverage may start as soon as January 1, 2014.  

Please call 1-800-318-2596 for 24-hour assistance on enrolling in the insurance marketplace. Help is available in more than 250 languages.

State Senator Vincent Hughes

White House White Board: What ObamaCare Means For You

What Obamacare Means for you


Philadelphia man among White House Obamacare "success stories"

By Colby Itkowitz
Call Washington Bureau
October 21, 2013

He's not quite an Obamacare success story, but the White House believes he will be.

Malik Hassan, an uninsured 24-year-old working as a cook at a small Mexican restaurant in Philadelphia, stood behind President Obama during a White House event Monday to serve as an example of what Obamacare promises.

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You can find out more specifics about the Affordable Care Act and provide your feedback on my website at as well as on Facebook and Twitter (@SenatorHughes).

White House White Board: What ObamaCare Means For You

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