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June 24, 2013: Hughes speaks on Medicaid Expansion
June 24, 2013: Hughes speaks on Medicaid Expansion


Big news out of Harrisburg: Medicaid expansion was overwhelmingly voted out of the Pennsylvania Senate by a bipartisan 40-10! As you know, Senate Democrats have been fighting for months to get a vote on providing 500,000 low-income working adults quality health insurance. We are glad that Senate Republicans displayed such a strong show of support for the proposal. It’s a tremendous step forward and couldn’t have happened without the advocacy of people like you.

Providing health insurance for low-income working people will give them access to health care that they so desperately need. I’m talking about the people who work the overnight shift as a security guard, serve food in our restaurants, and provide care to seniors in nursing homes. They shouldn’t have to rely on emergency rooms for health care. Instead, they ought to be able to get health screenings, annual checkups, and regular doctor appointments without breaking the bank.  

Medicaid ExpansionBut doing Medicaid expansion won’t just help 500,000 working people who need insurance. It will also help free up critical resources in the state budget that can be redirected for other needs. Also, numerous reports indicate that by 2016 between 35,000 and 40,000 new jobs will be created within the health-care industry and related fields if we adopt Medicaid expansion. 

We could never have gotten this close to winning without the grassroots support of concerned citizens like you. I want to thank you for everything you’ve done and make one more request: Please contact your member of the House of Representatives one more time and respectfully ask that they vote for Medicaid expansion on behalf of all Pennsylvanians. And then ask the Governor to sign the bill if it passes the House.

You can visit this website to find out who represents you in the State House:

Governor's Main Office: 717-787-2500


State Senator Vincent Hughes

Hughes Thanks Pennsylvania Senate for Passing Historic Medicaid Expansion Legislation

Harrisburg – June 30th, 2013 – Senator Vincent Hughes thanked the Pennsylvania Senate today for passing legislation that will implement Medicaid expansion in Pennsylvania. The legislation, which is included in House Bill 1075, is a major legislative step towards expanding health insurance for more than 500,000 people across the state. The vote passed 40 to 10 with bipartisan support.

“Today’s vote was a major step forward for providing health insurance to 500,000 working adults,” said Sen. Hughes. “I am grateful to my colleagues on both sides of the aisle who voted for this legislation. We sent a clear message tonight that Pennsylvania should not be left out of Medicaid expansion. The Governor and State House should follow suit and support expanding health insurance as quickly as possible. » Continue Reading


Pa. Senate approves Medicaid expansion, but it still faces a battle in the House

Pennlive - July 1, 2013

The state Senate Sunday night approved a bill to potentially expand Medicaid eligibility to hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians.

The bill cleared the Senate by a 40-10 vote, indicating strong bipartisan support.

The language, embedded in a yearly bill filled with updates to the state's Welfare Code, now moves to the state House of Representatives, where its fate was unclear. » Continue Reading

Learn more on the Medicaid Expansion and provide your feedback on my website at as well as on Facebook and Twitter (@SenatorHughes).

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