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House Bill 818 Floor Remarks :: June 4, 2013
June 12, 2013: Senator Vincent Hughes spoke on the Senate floor Medicaid Expansion

I wanted to send you a policy alert on the issue of Medicaid Expansion. As you know, Senate Democrats have been fighting for this program for almost a year. Expanding Medicaid would offer health insurance to 500,000 low-income working adults in PA. Republicans who control the legislature have said that a vote may happen as early as this week. As I told the Associated Press, I have been fighting for this since the beginning and I finally see some light at the end of the legislative tunnel for this critical issue.

And it couldn’t happen a moment sooner. We need to expand Medicaid for a simple reason: Doing good for others will provide an opportunity to also do good for ourselves.

Clearly, Medicaid expansion will do good for others. 500,000 low-income, working people will have access to quality health insurance. These are the folks who clean our office buildings, serve our food, and provide care to our seniors. Thanks to expanding Medicaid, these individuals won’t have to rely on the emergency room when they have some kind of health problem. Instead, they’ll be able to afford to get preventative screenings, regular doctor appointments, and the follow-up that is critical to quality health-care. They deserve nothing less.

Leading Democrat optimistic about Medicaid expansion in PA

Written by The Associated Press | Jun 20, 2013

A leading Democratic lawmaker in the effort to expand Medicaid eligibility in Pennsylvania, under a 2010 federal health care law, says for the first time there's a little light at the end of the tunnel.

Philadelphia Senator Vincent Hughes says Senate Republican leaders are discussing a Medicaid expansion bill with the goal of holding a floor vote next week. » Continue Reading

But doing Medicaid expansion won’t just help 500,000 working people who need insurance. It will also help free up critical resources in the state budget that can be redirected for other needs. According to the Independent Fiscal Office, we’d see savings of $154 million in the first fiscal year. I’ve proposed that we spend that money to help distressed public schools across the state, including the Philadelphia School District. We need to accept these federal funds so that we can help save our public schools across the Commonwealth.

We could never have gotten this close to winning without the grassroots support of concerned citizens like you. People have made phone calls, written letters, and joined demonstrations in the streets to fight for Medicaid expansion. I want to thank you for everything you’ve done and make one more request: Please contact the Governor one more time and respectfully ask that he accept Medicaid expansion on behalf of all Pennsylvanians.

Governor's Main Office: 717-787-2500
Write: 225 Main Capitol Building Harrisburg, PA 17120

I will keep fighting to make sure that Medicaid expansion is implemented in the right way. Please stay tuned for further developments.

State Senator Vincent Hughes

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