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Nelson Mandela PA Senate Honors the Life of Nelson Mandela


On December 5th, the world lost a giant for peace and freedom. Former political prisoner then President Nelson Mandela passed away at the age of 95. President Nelson Mandela was an inspiration to millions of people around the world, myself included. After spending 27 years in jail, he was released from prison and in May of 1994, after a democratic free and fair election, he was sworn in as President of a new South Africa.

December 10, 2013: Sen. Vincent Hughes Honors the Life of Nelson Mandela during Petitions & Remonstrance Sen. Vincent Hughes Honors the Life of Nelson Mandela during Petitions & Remonstrance
December 10, 2013: Sen. Vincent Hughes Honors the Life of Nelson Mandela during Petitions & Remonstrance

He could have used the anger and isolation from his imprisonment, and the pain that the majority of South Africans suffered under the apartheid rule, to unleash pain and suffering throughout the country. But he chose a different path. A path of peace and reconciliation. A path of justice and opportunity for all, a path to heal his country's people. In doing so, he showed us all a different way to act, a different way to think, and a different way to live. This Mandela path makes us all bigger and better people. I pray that we all learn from his life and his work.

On December 10th, the entire Philadelphia Senate delegation introduced a resolution honoring President Nelson Mandela. It was cosponsored by every member of Pennsylvania Senate and passed unanimously. A copy of it is below, along with a television interview that I did the day after his passing.

Thank you Madiba. Your life will be honored, and your work will be remembered. It is now up to us to follow the trail that you blazed.

Thank you,
State Senator Vincent Hughes

Sen. Hughes Reacts to Mandela's Passing on CBS Philly

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Honoring the life of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

     WHEREAS, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, former prisoner of conscience and President of South Africa, was a beacon of hope, equality and justice for people throughout the entire world; and

     WHEREAS, Mr. Mandela became known for his leadership in the battle against apartheid in South Africa and other forms of racial segregation and discrimination; and

     WHEREAS, He was the leader of a movement that fought to ensure that all people in South Africa had equal rights and political representation; and

     WHEREAS, Mr. Mandela endured 27 years in prison, most of the time spent in solitary confinement, for opposing apartheid and injustice; and

     WHEREAS, Mr. Mandela inspired anti-apartheid activists across the world, including millions of people from all backgrounds in the United States; and

     WHEREAS, Upon his release from prison, he worked to establish a multiracial democracy in South Africa and successfully ran for president as the candidate of the African National Congress in 1994; and       

     WHEREAS, Mr. Mandela oversaw the formation of the Government of National Unity in a successful attempt to ease racial tensions in South Africa; and

     WHEREAS, He was South Africa's first democratically-elected president in the nation's first free election where South Africans of all racial backgrounds were allowed to vote; and

     WHEREAS, Mr. Mandela received national and international honors, including the Nobel Prize, the United States Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Star of International Friendship, the Third World Prize and other international human rights awards; and

     WHEREAS, Mr. Mandela continued to advocate on behalf of peace, justice and economic equality throughout his long life; and

     WHEREAS, Mr. Mandela passed away on December 5, 2013; and

     WHEREAS, He is survived by 2 former wives, 6 children, 17 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren; therefore be it

     RESOLVED, That the Senate honor the life of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

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Sen. Hughes Reacts to Mandela's Passing on CBS Philly