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Homestead Exemption Now Being Offered to All Philadelphia Homeowners
Homeowners must apply before the November 15 Deadline!

Letter Brochure Application Tax Savings are Knocking.

June 29, 2012 - Hughes Decries General Assistance Cuts

Homeowners in Philadelphia will now be able to save money on their real estate taxes thanks to legislation passed by the City of Philadelphia providing a Homestead Exemption to all Philadelphia homeowners. Because the AVI will not be implemented until next year, the deadline for the Homestead Exemption has been extended to November 15.

A Homestead Exemption means that if you own your home, you can qualify for a reduction of your home’s reassessment, and therefore reduce your tax bill. There are no age or income restrictions and all homeowners in the city are encouraged to apply.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You must own your own home and live in it.
  • Complete the Homestead Exemption application by NOVEMBER 15, 2012.

There are also additional real estate tax savings that you may qualify for in addition to the homestead exemption on your property. I encourage you to apply today and pass the word along to family and friends who own their own homes.

When you receive your home assessment in the fall, after a comprehensive reassessment has been completed by the City of Philadelphia, you will receive notification of whether you have qualified and the amount of the exemption.

Property TaxRental homes or vacation homes do not qualify. Mixed use properties qualify and will benefit from the exclusion for the portion of the property that is the owners’ primary residence.

You must include your OPA Account Number on the application. The OPA Account Number is a unique 9-digit number that identifies a property and is the same as the old BRT Account Number. If you don’t know your OPA Account Number, you can find it on your real estate tax bill or look it up here.

There is no need to reapply each year once your application has been approved, unless the deed to the home changes.

Completed applications should be mailed to the Office of Property Assessment at the address listed on the application by NOVEMBER 15, 2012.

Applications received after the deadline for consideration for this year will be considered for tax year 2014.

For the Mayor’s Letter, Brochure and Application, click here.

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