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September 28, 2011

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Senator Hughes An informational update for you!

This publication is your opportunity to receive regular updates on the work and the issues that I have been involved with, both in Harrisburg and throughout our community.

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PA WORKS NOW –A Job Creation Plan that Puts Pennsylvanians to Work Immediately

More than a half-million Pennsylvania workers are unemployed. Many others fear the loss of their jobs. Unemployment is worsening. The rate reached 8.2 percent in August, an increase of .4 percent over the last month. Although this remains below the national average, this is still troubling.

PA Works NOW Floor Remarks

Clearly, the number one issue for Pennsylvanians is finding jobs, and my Senate Democratic colleagues and I believe our number one issue is putting people back to work.

In the spring of this year, we unveiled the PA Works plan - a jobs program that created jobs for 28,000 people. But since the economy has worsened, we’ve re-tooled and expanded PA Works. The new plan, titled PA Works Now, does just that – it has the ability to put people to work immediately.

Our PA Works Now plan begins with significant investments in our state’s infrastructure. We know infrastructure investment creates jobs immediately and has long-term economic benefits.

The PA Works Now investment strategy would create more than 80,000 new jobs. These jobs would provide an immediate, economic boost.

PA Works Now does not raise taxes, and makes use of current state resources. It leverages private resources and makes critical, long term investments that would create new opportunities for future growth and development.

But I know what matters to you right now is the fact that PA Works Now creates jobs. And the jobs that this plan creates are meaningful, and pay family sustaining wages. These jobs are the real work that needs to be done, and they are the real investments that need to be made.

Learn More about PA Works NOW! Learn More about PA Works NOW! PA Works Now rebuilds our transportation, water and sewer, and public utility infrastructures. It invests in our information and technology infrastructure, in order for Pennsylvania to remain internationally competitive. It invests in green technology, and it rebuilds crumbling and distressed neighborhoods and small towns.

With employment and financial security being the number one concern for Pennsylvanians, we all need to ask why we do not have any leadership coming from this Administration or the Republican majority on jobs.

Instead, their focus has been on matters such as the Electoral College process, voter ID and English-only legislation. None of these create jobs. We are stuck debating issues that appeal to the political extreme at the expense of working families. Working men and women need jobs now.

I know this. My Senate Democratic colleagues know this. Together, we will continue to work hard on your behalf to push policies and legislation that put Pennsylvanians back to work.

You can find out more specifics about our PA Works Now proposal on my web site at And be sure to find me on Facebook and Twitter (@SenatorHughes).

Creating Jobs and investing to move Pennsylvania Forward Pennsylvania Unemployment Picture

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