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PROTECT THE PEOPLE AND PUT THEM FIRST: Senate Democrats Release a Better Plan for PA's People

Gov. Corbett's Massive Budget Cuts Are Unnecessary

After six weeks of intense work, the Senate Democrats have come up with another way to balance the state budget. Under our plan, we can continue to create jobs, restore money to educate our children and keep much needed health care services. By making the state run smarter, and more efficiently, we can find the dollars necessary to protect Pennsylvania’s hard working families who are struggling to make ends meet.

Watch Video On March 8, 2011, the Governor proposed a budget for PA that would make massive cuts in education for our school children, force huge tuition increases for our college students and cut vital health care and job creation programs in order to balance the state budget. He also proposed massive tax breaks for the largest corporations in the state. Basically, he balanced the state budget on the backs of working families and children while giving the largest companies in Pennsylvania a tax giveaway. Everyone knows that there is a budget crisis in PA, but you can't make working people the only individuals to foot the bill. They are not the ones who caused this problem and they should not be the only people who sacrifice to fix the problem.

After 80 hours of budget hearings, intense review and grilling of all of the cabinet secretaries, and after researching the work of other states, we have come up with a proposal that balances the state budget and restores much needed investments and services. Here are some of the details:


  • Gov Corbett proposes to provide over $300 million in tax breaks to PA's major corporations. It is not fair to cut massive funding out of education, job creation programs and health care services, while at the same time provide for these kinds of tax breaks. While we all want to lessen the tax burden on our business community, now is not the time. Gov. Corbett also wants to continue to give the Marcellus Shale drilling industry a pass on paying any taxes or fees. Again, you can't cut state money to school kids, which means local property taxes will have to increase, and at the same time, let this multi-billion dollar industry off the hook.


  • We believe that by strengthening proven programs in the Department of Public Welfare, combining programs in the Department of Corrections and improving programs in the Department of General Services, we can save over $700 million in state spending. All of this can happen without eliminating vital services, which are even more necessary in this time of economic recession.


  • The Governor believes that there will only be $78 million in the current surplus. The Senate Democrats believe that the surplus in this year's budget will be over $300 million. That's existing money that can go to fix the budget problem.


With the above alternatives to the Governor’s plan, Senate Democrats believe that we can begin to restore the cuts to basic education, put money back for our college students to avoid dramatic tuition increases, fund our important job creation programs and provide for necessary health care services, including the important adultBasic health insurance program. We can also fund the critical home foreclosure prevention program, HEMAP, which thousands of PA families have utilized to keep from losing their home.

We can do more, if we work together, and have our priorities in the right order. The Senate Democratic plan puts PA's People First, and protects the things that are most important to them - their children, their jobs, their homes and their health care.

Click here to let the Governor know that there is another way, and that he has to Put the People First.

Click here to get a more detailed analysis of the Senate Democratic Plan which Puts PA's People First!

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